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Dance Planet Nickolay Fedorenko
Nickolay Fedorenko
Dance Planet
Traditional Electronic, Trance
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Look into the sky and you will see the austere motion of spherical bodies as if they perform the perfect space dance. Planets, moving along orbits, experience a lot of effects: the changing of seasons, solar storms, space radiation, however they don't reduce the tempo for a moment. Comets and asteroids attempt to break the lasting balance at times, but, even if they exert a shattering impact to the surface, they rarely can affect the rotating velocity of graceful dancers. They aim to continue the dance endlessly.

Artist: Nickolay Fedorenko
Album: Dance Planet
Label: USC
Catalog number: USC-WR-1405.0207
Release Year: 2014

01.Dance Planet (3:06)
02.Interstellar Flight (3:39)
03.Dynamic Motion (3:48)
04.Winter Dance (3:26)
05.Summer Dance (3:10)
06.Mars (4:11)
07.Journey to the Moon (3:03)
08.Tranquility Dance (3:12)
09.Summer Dance (Trance Remix) (3:28)

Synthesizers, programmed, written and arranged by Nickolay Fedorenko.
Painting and artwork by Anna Riet.

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Posted by USC on 31 May 2014
Tags: symphonic, spacesynth, electroclash, trance, traditional electronic, nickolay fedorenko